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Beyond Religious Conflict, 2005 

Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path, 2013 

Cosmology of Evil 

Creative Questions About Abortion 

Decrees and Affirmations, 2010 

Don't Drink Your Own Kool-Aid 

Envisioning Saint Germain's Golden Age, 2017 

Fallen Angels and the Psychology of Control, 2012 

Flowing with the River of Life, 2013 

Freedom from the Egos´s - Bundle, 2013  

Getting Results on the Spritual Path, 2014 

Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything 

Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras 

Healing Mother Earth, 2011 

Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty, 2016 

Help People Overcome the Past, 2016 

Help the Ascended Masters Stop War, 2015  

How Mystics Can Unify Science and Religion, 2014 

How to Communicate from the Heart 

How You Can Help Change the World, 2015 

I AM a Thinking Christian, 2004 

I Love Jesus, I Hate Christianity, 2006 

Invocations for Personal Transformation, 2010 

Invocations for World Transformation,  

Invoking Light through Decrees and Affirmations 

Invoking the Light of the Seven Rays, 2013 

Manifesting Saint Germain's Golden Age, 2017 

Master Keys to Personal Christhood, 2008 

Master Keys to Personal Wholeness, 2009 

Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom,  

Master Keys to the Abundant Life - Boundle, 2005 

Psychology of Evil 

Question Every Thing. Survival Guide to Being Spiritual, But Not Religious, 2011 

Save Yourself, 2003 

Save Your Planet, 2004 

Shangra-la. Rosaries and Decrees, 2007 

The Alchemy of the Sacred Word, vol2. Decrees to the Seven Rays, 2012 

The Art of Non–war, 2007 

The Christ Is Born in You, 2003 

The Creative Power Within, 2013 

The Gospel for Busy People 

The Inner Path of Light, 2003 

The Jesus Koans, 2003 

The Least You Should Konow About Life, 2006 

The Mystical Initiations of Freedom (Comming 2019) 

The Mystical Initiations of Intention 

The Mystical Initiations of Love 

The Mystical Initiations of Peace (Coming in 2018)

The Mystical Initiations of Wisdom 

The Mystical Path - Bundle 

The Power of Self, 2013 

The Secret Coming of Christ, 2004 

The Secret Path Beyond Ego, 2012 

The Song of Life Healing Matrix 

The Spiritual Road to Self-esteem
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Unmasking the Ego, 2011 

Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus
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Warrior of Peace, 2015 

Was Jesus a New Age Guru?, 2013 

What Would Jesus Say about Christianity? 

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