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TOPICS: Eckhart Tolle genuine teacher - teaching from his background and experience - majority of people not ready for spontaneous breakthrough - they need a gradual path - valuable insight on the ego -

Question: I would like to know what Jesus thinks about the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I realize you probably get tons of questions about this or that spiritual teacher or teaching, but I am asking specifically because in the message given in Sweden, Jesus recommended that we study other teachings on the ego. And Eckhart Tolle has written two books, The Power of Now and A New earth, that both talk a lot about the ego and the duality consciousness.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I consider Eckhart a genuine spiritual teacher, who is doing what he should be doing, namely teaching based on his background, experience and state of consciousness. If visitors to this website feel an inner prompting to study any of his books, they should obviously follow that prompting. I will, however, not go so far as to recommend that all visitors to this site read the books, and let me explain why some people will want to approach the books with caution.
Eckhart describes how he had a spiritual breakthrough that spontaneously propelled him into a higher state of consciousness. He thus teaches based on this experience and basically ignores the need to follow a gradual, systematic path. He is trying to take the readers through an experience similar to his own, and he is doing so by sharing the insights he has received after his breakthrough.
The underlying assumption is that if people receive the right insights, they will have a spontaneous awakening, just as he experienced. This can indeed happen, but only for people who are close to the level of consciousness that Eckhart had before his awakening. Yet the vast majority of the people on this planet are not at that level, and thus there is no possibility that any amount of insights will “spontaneously” awaken them.
Let me make it clear that I am not hereby saying that people should not read Eckhart’s books. I am simply saying that I expect visitors to this website to use the insights they have received here when they study any kind of spiritual teaching. And I expect people to do their utmost to heed my teachings on the need for balance. If you have not yet realized that I often talk about balance, then I recommend you read the website again and take note of how often I describe balance as the most important prerequisite for true spiritual growth. I especially recommend my two ego discourses on black-and-white and gray thinking
That being said, there is no question that Eckhart has given many valuable insights about the ego and the duality consciousness. People at all levels can benefit from these insights, but you need to be realistic and not abandon a systematic approach to spiritual growth in favor of chasing a miraculous insight that will suddenly turn you into an enlightened being. It is far better to keep working methodically and let the spontaneous awakening happen—spontaneously. Seeking to take heaven by force has never brought anyone out of reach of the ego.

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