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Om Du hamnade på den här sidan först eller av misstag så rekommenderar vi att Du, efter att eventuellt ha bekantat Dig med dess innehåll, går ”tillbaka” till startsidan ("Hem") av denna site och börjar vandringen därifrån.

– Aquarian Age economy
– Ask the Ascended Masters to Stop War
– Do Not Follow False Teachers
– Do you want to be free
– Ego and Divine Masculine-Feminine
– Freedom from Judgments
– Freedom from outer mind
– Harmonizing Masculine and Feminine
– Interactions Between Men and Women
– I Promise to Help You Overcome Fear
– Initiations of 2016
– Initiations of the Fourth Ray in 2016
– Love and Life Cannot be Forced
– Love Magnetizes
– Mechanical or Not - How the world works
– Parenting in the New Age
– Receiving the love of the Divine Mother
– Receiving Love
– Recognizing Ascended Masters

– Relationships Between Men and Women
– Roles of Men and Women
– Science and Spirituality Beyond Boundaries
– Shadow, the Devil
– Sound Healing
– Speaking out Makes a Difference
– Spiritual Reason for Current Refugees
– Stop Believing in Doomsday Prophecies
– Taking Sex to a Higher Level
– The ascended masters are not too good to be true
– The Only Conflict between Men and Women is in Our Minds
– The Pursuit of Happiness– Transcend Your Fears about Earth's Resources
– Will You Co-create the Golden Age
– You ca commune with us
– You Cannot Force Democracy

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Hi Andras! You have to ask people under adressen: Sincerely! Powel K.

17.01 | 17:16

AZ ÉNÜNK EREJE - heter boken på ungerska

24.12 | 07:34

Vad heter boken på ungerska ?

21.09 | 11:17

Hej Andrei, błöcker på engelska kan Du bestąlla här:

Hälsningar! Powel K.

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